Tuesday, August 12, 2008

check it, foo's

So i got some work up on JibJab.com, you should check it ooooout. I'll post more when I, erm, find 'em. (The site is kind of a mess right now, after the great migration from the old site to this one.)


Cateris said...

Congrats!! That's exciting :)

sarah watts said...

Sweet! You rock man.

Kate Dwiggins said...

Bwaha! I am doing well--feels like forever since I checked anyone's blog, so there is catching up to do! I'm out of le Florida, and doing freelance (and actually getting some work, which is always shocking) which is totally swell and exactly what I need.

I hope you are doing well whenever you get this, and that life is still all a totally rocking!! :D