Tuesday, March 18, 2008

super happy burger time

A drawing I did after eating the best burger I'd had in like... 5 days. (I've seriously been living off cereal and gawd-knows-what because we haven't had time to go to the store.) *New japanese game show, coming this fall.

The next three are collabs from the Hallmark workshop this weekend. The crits were long, and often I couldn't even see what we were critiquing because there were so many people, but if these three happy drawings came out of it, than that's enough for me.

*Erin added to the first collab, she is uncredited in the... credits, my deepest apologies. (She is the farting girl, lolzzzz.)

The last is my new favorite thing- animals with facial hair. I sold a bunch of pins at MegaCon of various animals with beards, goatees, and mustaches, and it's just ftw. Seriously.

More recruiters are coming tomorrow, and next week, and the week after... BUT I AM PUMPED. There is hope on the horizon! Plus, I'm working on some crazy awesome projects coming up including, but not limited to: a cat, some dogs, a monster, and a fridge.. Also going to update the portfolio site, soooooon. Like, tomorrow. But now, it's time for a little Rock Band!


luis espinosa said...

i think you should check this out


Kate Dwiggins said...

They are even more beautiful than I dared remember.