Tuesday, January 8, 2008

i'm thinking... cupcakes

Piece I did when Sarah Caterisano told me about the 'i spy cupcake' group art show down at digital three. I don't even know if I'm allowed in as a graphic designer, might be crashing an illustrator party or something, but here it is all the same.

Also, American Greetings is here the 5th of February, and the CIA is here on the 15th of February. [OMG.] I need to make my 13x19 portfolio... like, yesterday, so I'm feeling the tiniest bit behind on things even though it's only day 2 of the semester (especially since the other class of seniors already have theirs done for an in-class assignment LAST semester. Grr.)

Oh yes, and I started at the Design Center as of today. It's awesome, there's a dishwasher and a fridge, and the conference table will soon be a ping-pong table (I don't play, but some of the boys there are enthusiasts of the game, so that should be entertaining.) Watts is in there as "The Illustrator", too, so that's cool. Tomorrow we get our project(s) for the semester in there, either stuff for Ringling or a identity/brochure for Selby Garden's... it's nice all my classes are like "here's your project, GO DESIGN" instead of just sitting around talking about the syllabus.

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