Sunday, November 4, 2007

friends for friends

Some of my more recent commissions- Maya Gremlin for Cat, Loch Nessy for Arrolynn, Pedro for Sarah C, and Lucas for Erin (technically her madre.)
In digital video we're doing kinetic typography, so I'll post my short when I finish it Wednesday. (The clip is from Road Trip, if anybody has seen it.) I really like doing them, so I might do another soon- maybe something a bit longer, since this one is only 13 seconds. Also working on a new opening sequence to CONGO, so that should be pretty fun. I love that goofy movie so much- Tim Curry is amazing.


Arrolynn said...

Me and Nessy are very happy together.

emcguire said...

Aw lucas. My mom loved it. I think it'd be neat to see a motion piece with plushies!