Wednesday, October 3, 2007

shooting fish in a barrel

All my plushies in their new nest-box made of cardboard and bedcovers in the studio... They want to be adopted.

Oh yes, and the 2nd Illest of Ill show was this last weekend. Very fun, totally packed. I worked the sticker/t-shirt booth during some of it, and people were going nuts over the stickers. I always find it funny watching people chooose... anything, really. They're all so careful and meticulous. My favorite sticker by far was the girl with a pig, its popped into my new sketchbook. Megan had some really nice ones, too. (Her sketchbook is a-maz-ing.) Oh, and special thanks to Joanna Misiti for doing awesome designs and helping us out at the booth during the rush!

Other than that, just keeping up with homework, sga, next-step conference, and everything else I've thrown myself into this year. AND researching places to work. (Geesh.)

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