Thursday, August 30, 2007

surname icons and Illest poster

My first run(s) of my surname icon for "Tatman" (Man Who Tats), then my final I'm turning it today. Then the ILLEST t-shirt poster, as it was 2 nights ago. Then the final, with Willie's t-shirt design on it, which went to print yesterday. Pretty exciting stuff.

Thanks to Willie for the opportunity to work on it, and all the ILLEST Illustrators for being collab-savvy. The show is September 28th, I suggest everybody go, and if you're in illustration, submit your stuff the 26th. (Oh yeah, and buy a t-shirt! They're going to be damn sweet!)

1 comment:

ann duvoisin said...

haha, I saw the anchor icon and i was like EEEEEEEEEEEE!

because I like'em n stuffs.

and then I squinted down to see..."Man Who Tats"

You're such a tatman, trish. ooooh.