Wednesday, April 25, 2007

scheduling and such

Hi. I'm still alive and kicking. Trying to get a bunch of projects wrapped up before they're all due in a week and a half. My biggest time drain at the moment is my portfolio site, though... making thumbnails and clipping masks is beyond annoying. I should have that stuff up soon, and I'll go all link-tastic for my re-design of wikipedia, too.

Oh, and we picked classes:

Digital Video
Writing the Graphic Narrative
Graphic Design Three (with Edwin at 330)
Proposed Independent Study with Don Brandes

Mr. Brandes decided to take me on since the registrar is being a butt about letting me into Illustration Media. Too many freshmens, apparently. Blah. But it'll be cool. He was all "I'll teach you how to draw, it'll be fun!" I think he is as excited as I am.

So, thats it. Do I have any classes with you?

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emcguire said...

No classes with you just more roommate time.
emcguire be ttatman roommate