Monday, February 26, 2007

chicken of the sea

I've finished up a lot of class work, projects, etc. and so the stress has peeked, and it now back to where it belongs, my closet. ArtVenture was a success. I got some commissions for plushies, which I am working on, and the pins were a big hit with young and old alike. I sold all but two of my magnets, which makes me giddy, because I love that my goofy art is polluting some rich suburban households in greater Sarasota.

Some scans from 'Fruits', the dummy-book collab (perfect bound) I have going with Ben. Hopefully this can stop Ringling from giving me guff about drawing and being GIC. If Jay Ryan can draw funny things and call himself a designer, so can I. :P

I also found out that Ben took karate until he was 16, and likes tuna (which I can't eat because it smells funny). Turns out you can live with someone 24/7 and still find stuff out about them. And now you know stuff about them, too. CREEPY.

Tomorrow I'll have some images from my artists books class, because my scanner isn't badass enough (i.e. big enough) to handle them at the moment. Hope you enjoy.

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